Love Others

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to love one another in theory, but how hard it is to practice it when either tempers flare or personalities rub you the wrong way.
Sometimes no matter what you may do or say it seems some people take you wrong or seem to have an ax to grind with you.
Or on the other hand, no matter how hard you pray about it and try to die to self and walk in the Spirit, some people are just tough for you to deal with.

It is precisely in these relationships that the lord seems to do His best work at refining us.
As Jesus said, “what credit is there to you if you love those who love you, even unbelievers do that.
But if you love those who hate and dislike you then you’ve really done something.” (my paraphrase)
I am reminded of the Proverb that is quoted several times by New Testament writers- “love covers a multitude of sins.” I’ve heard it said: “we Christians are a lot like porcupines- we have a lot of fine points but we sure can be tough to get near.”

So what are you to do when a relationship is tough? Keep on pursuing peace and putting Biblical principle into practice.
Even if it seems things never get better, the very pursuit of harmony helps us become more harmonious to be around.
So, when things get tough- don’t check out- be gracious and kind, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

To live above,
With the saints I love,
O, wouldn’t that be glory.
But to live below,
With the saints I know,
That’s another story.

Because of grace,

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