Deepest Longings

Psychiatrist Gerald May who died in 2005 once stated: “After 20 years of listening to the yearnings of people’s hearts, I am convinced that Human beings have an inborn desire for God. Whether we are consciously religious or not, this longing is our deepest longing and most precious treasure.”

In the dark years of the Second World War, Russia was desperate for the English and Americans to open a second front in western Europe to relieve the pressure on the beleaguered forces of the Soviet Union. German Divisions had ravaged across Ukraine and Western Russia leaving a swath of devastation in their wake. When Operation Overlord commenced on June 6, 1944, Stalin was elated. He sent a telegram to Churchill with the brief but telling message: “Thank God!”

I found that almost comical- if it wasn’t so tragic. Here the man who had murdered thousands- if not millions of his fellow countrymen for their belief in God- the man who had sought to eradicate Christianity from his nation and replace it with an atheistic ideology- in a moment of joy expressing gratitude to the One whom he professed was a figment of the imagination.

Augustine once said, centuries ago- “Our hearts are restless till they find their rest in Thee.” This is truth my friend- Have you found your rest in Him? Cease from striving, come to Him the fountain of life- This is why He came, God in Flesh, to save us and quiet the raging of our restless, storm tossed hearts.

Because of grace,

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