Aitkens Bible ProjectIndependence based in biblical truth

Our nation, its constitution and independence was based in biblical truth. The Aitkens Bible Project seeks to encourage our schools to study these truths.

Pastor Tim Senter from Grace Bible Church of Lander, Wyoming will be with us at Emmanuel Bible Church Sunday, June 2 2013 at 6:00pm to share the details of this timely  ministry and to encourage us.

With liberal implementation of relative truth, we lose sight of the responsibilities that come with freedom. Man cannot just do whatever he wants. We cannot murder, we cannot steal, wanting what belongs to others is wrong. Adultery is wrong and at its base, society knows that is true. We get those base truths for our society’s existence from the same place our founders received them, the Christian Bible. Society is in trouble because they have tried to teach foundational truths with no true foundation. Society has taught our youth that God has to be removed from society except in the church. God has the right to be involved in every aspect of our life.

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