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March 5-7
Red Cliff Winter Retreats

Junior and Senior High Camp. Cost is $105 per student. Please register online


Sun, 3/8/15
Church Potluck

Potluck after Morning Service.


Sun, 3/15/15 6:00pm
Steve and Gayle King

We will have a Skype conversation with missionaries, Steve and Gayle King during our Evening Service.


Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel Technocracy

The differences in worldviews between Benjamin Netanyahu, Israelís prime minister and President Obama, and how political reality is not driving the wagon in the West. Then, Technocracy Rising and the new globalization plan, massive data collection, and its inevitable endgame.


WYWATCH Family Action

WyWatch Family ActionWyWatch Family Action is a group of Judeo-Christian families who have a goal to preserve traditional family values in the great state of Wyoming.


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Sunday, Mar 1 2015

Pastor Tim Moyer

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Questions for God Series:
Answering Life's Most Pressing Dilemma

Jesus asks, who do you say I am. It's the most important question you will ever answer.

Matthew 16:13-20; 1 Corinthians 15:55

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The power of prayer

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Homosexual marriage and its consequences for the remnant

In April the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments on if homosexual marriage is an issue for individual states or if it is a federally protected right under the U.S. Constitution.
Many experts who follow the Supreme Court believe they will decide to enforce homosexual marriage as a protected right, meaning it is the law of the land, period.
If the Supreme Court rules in favor of homosexual marriage, will it open a door for lawsuits against churches that will not perform homosexual marriages? How should we as Bible believing Christians respond if the Supreme Court enforces the right of homosexual marriage?

Full Speech to Congress

Prime Minister Benjamen Netanyahu addresses congress to plead for common sense on Iranís nuclear strategy.
Common Sense Boycotted by Democrats...
(now there's a news flash eh?)



Education's Core Problem



Education's Core Problem
ABCs of DumbDown: Anita was the guest of radio talk show host, John Loeffler, who is a long-time supporter of our national group of education reform researchers, activists and writers. Here is the link, which is open to the public to listen to: Start at the 37 minute mark.