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Communicating Like Christ

Pastor Tim has begun a new Sunday School class, “Communicating Like Christ: Relating Truth in a Relativistic Culture”, for the spring quarter in the conference room.
We are dealing with interpersonal communication, public speaking, and “do’s and don’ts” in regard to communicating the gospel on the internet through social media and blogs.


Tues, 4/13-16/14
Ken Ham in Jackson Hole

Community Bible Church, 1450 S Park Loop Rd.
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Fri, 4/18/14 7:00pm
Good Friday Service


Sun, 4/20/14 8:30am
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There are still some empty spots on the Special Music sign-up sheet in the foyer.
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Steel on Steel

Steel on SteelIran Still on Track to Produce Nuclear Bomb

Iran is plowing ahead with its nuclear program regardless of discussions.
Blood moon total lunar eclipse on Passover. A revisiting of the tetrad of (four) blood moons in 2015 and 2015.
The new healthcare mandates that may go contrary to Christian's religious belief systems and finally, a key issue in the healthcare debate involves the right of women to have various types of contraceptives which may be abortifacient provided under healthcare plans.


WYWATCH Family Action

WyWatch Family ActionWyWatch Family Action is a group of Judeo-Christian families who have a goal to preserve traditional family values in the great state of Wyoming.


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Naked and Not Ashamed

naked afraid The Discovery channel will air a new low of moral depravity this weekend in the form of a new “reality” show...
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John 20:27-29

Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe.” Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me?
Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”









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Sunday, Apr 13 2014

Pastor Tim Moyer

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The Great Escape Part 2

It's little wonder the latest statistics conclude that Americans are the loneliest people in the world given a culture shaped by the belief that "God is Dead" and it's every man for himself.
The biblical work ethic has all but been replaced by an entitlement mentality that wants to know, what's in it for me and meaningful labor, when it's pursued at all, is no longer seen as a means to be able to give but only to receive.
God's Word is clear about His designed purpose for work, its importance in our lives and the consequences of ignoring His commands concerning it.

Ephesians 4:17-32; 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15

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I am the resurrection and the life.
Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,



Stand Up For The Truth Play podcast of >>
Uncommon Ground?

We’re seeing a lot of partnerships forming between protestant leaders and Roman Catholic leaders.
Last month, you’ll recall Word of Faith televangelist Kenneth Copeland made a pact with Pope Francis.
A few days ago Saddleback’s Rick Warren went on the Cathilic wordlwide EWTN channel, and we’re going to play some of his quotes a little later. We’re asking, what to make of these proclamations of unity?

Resistance is Futile: You Will Be Assimilated Into the Community

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith ( lectures on the source and details of the ideology / worldview that is the driving force behind the Seeker-Driven Church Movement.
A Must Hear...!
The Lecture, Powerpoint Slides and Further Resources are Available Here



Begins playing April 18th @ Skyview Lanes, Afton



Internet Sensorship

Giving Away the Internet: ( article)
Internet Experts Warning
Paranormal, Internet Giveaway & World Vision
Understanding the Times with Jan Markell Podcast



When a Nation Forgets God:
7 Lessons We Must Learn from Nazi Germany





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Resource pageWhile we cannot control the content of these resources, they have been very helpful to us in our search for greater understanding of critical issues facing Christianity, the Family and the Church today.


"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children". Hosea 4:6 (ESV)