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Don't forget the upcoming Winter retreats at Red Cliff.
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Fri, 2/12/16 7:00pm
Valentines Banquet

We will have a Lasagna dinner with all the sides and desert. Cost: $20 per couple. Come for a special time of fellowship and a romantic time with your better half!


Sat, 2/13/16 11:30am
Family Fun Snow Day

Meeting at the church @ 11:30 and return late afternoon. We'll build a bonfire and cook some hotdogs and chili. Bring a sled, inner tube, snowboard or ski's. You are also welcome to bring a snowmobile for a ride.




Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel Know Thyself

The dangers of North Korean missile testing, could the United States be vulnerable? Russia’s involvement with Ukraine and Syria, and the persecution of Christians by ISIS-controlled countries in the Middle East. Could identity crisis' be at the heart of Islam in the modern world, influencing violent incidents?


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Obey God Rather Than Men

Obey God Rather Than


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Sunday, February 7 2016

Pastor Tim Moyer

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The Gospel of Matthew:
The Announcement of The Kingdom

The Kingdom of heaven, what part does the Church have in it and what of the call to repentance? Is it the Church's responsibility or are we missing something vitally important in the pages of the bible?

Matthew 3; Matthew 4

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The power of prayer

Stand Up For The Truth Play Today's Podcast <<
Are Americans Still a Moral People?

For close to two hundred years we probably had good reason to think America was a Christian nation but since 1973, nearly sixty million babies have been murdered in their mothers’ wombs, homosexual “marriage” is now being forced on the nation, and our public bathrooms and locker rooms are no longer safe from sexual perversion. Is there any turning back and where is the outcry from church leaders?


Justice for None
Valentine Banquet Fri, Feb 12 @ 7pm
If you haven't signed up yet Contact us Here and let us know your coming. $20 per couple at the door.


Justice for None

If we've Learned Anything from Hollywood…
Link to the entire recording by Al Mohler - The Briefing


What is Sin?


Justice for None
"So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven" ~ Matthew 10:32


33 minutes that will Rock your world!