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Sun, 3/8/15
Church Potluck

Potluck after Morning Service.


Sun, 3/15/15 6:00pm
Steve and Gayle King

We will have a Skype conversation with missionaries, Steve and Gayle King during our Evening Service.


Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel The Islam Report

How did Thomas Jefferson handled the problem of Islamic piracy in the early 19th century? Then, net neutrality and the the risks in regulating the internet, and the all too dangerous likelihood of a government takeover of this “utility.” Finally, religious freedom and the truth behind the discrimination court case against the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, an Oregon-based bakery, for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.


WYWATCH Family Action

WyWatch Family ActionWyWatch Family Action is a group of Judeo-Christian families who have a goal to preserve traditional family values in the great state of Wyoming.


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Sunday, Feb 22 2015

Pastor Tim Moyer

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Questions for God Series:
Why This Waste?

We are seeing more clearly every day that the world does not place a high value on the things of God or His righteousness. In fact, those who do not know Christ as savoir may very well believe that your faith and sacrifices are worthless. Listen as we read together from His Word to what God thinks about our sacrifices to Him and what is worthless in His sight.

John 12:1-11

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The power of prayer

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The marketing and branding of the post modern Church

Why do so many evangelicals appear to be chasing hollow and deceptive philosophies, practically begging to be taken captive? Have they fallen prey to slick marketing campaigns, packaged, big-box sermonettes and feel-good pep-talks that have replaced timeless, eternal, doctrinal truths?

Common Core explained in 5 minutes

Just Released; a brand new Common Core video. Here is a clip from Common Core 101: a 5-Minute Breakdown With Dr. Duke Pesta:

Common Core 101



Barronelle Stutzman
For the first time since the law's enactment, the Washington state attorney general office interpreted a state statute to single out and punish a private citizen. Not only did they sue her business, but they sued Barronelle personally.


Education's Core Problem
ABCs of DumbDown: Anita was the guest of radio talk show host, John Loeffler, who is a long-time supporter of our national group of education reform researchers, activists and writers. Here is the link, which is open to the public to listen to: Start at the 37 minute mark.