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Sun, 8/9/15
Memory Lane

Our morning worship will focus on the history of EBC as well as looking forward to the future of what God has in store for us. After service, we will have dinner on the grounds, and games.


Tue, 8/11/15 7:00pm
Project Meeting

Seniors Project meeting in the Sanctuary.


Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel Influence

We can make a difference. What will our influence be?
Each and every one of us has the potential to influence the world for good. John gives us two examples of individuals in this week’s boralogue who decided to step out in faith and help those in need.


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Steel on


Obey God Rather Than Men

Obey God Rather Than


Love can't stay silent
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We Will Not Bow


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Sunday, July 26 2015

Pastor Tim Moyer

This weeks message

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II Timothy Series:
Not Ashamed

Shame is closely connected with fear and guilt and is a major motivator in our lives so how do we overcome our fear of shame when standing for Christ in today's politically correct culture of anti-Christ?
One word.., Love.

2 Timothy 1:7-12; Acts 5:40-42

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The power of prayer


Stand Up For The Truth Play Today's Podcast <<
Can We Define “Christian”?

More than 80% of the citizens of our nation call themselves “Christians”. But many of them profess beliefs directly contradicted by the Word of God. Others will never admit it, but their definition of “Christian” might be “someone who believes exactly what I believe and does exactly what I do”–you know, a party of one.

Gender Training Our children, confusion and clarity: Includes Video Link>>

There is a dramatic push in our schools to indoctrinate boys and girls as young as four that there is no such thing as just girls and boys, that gender can mean anything you feel. But there is good news: It’s possible to break free of the bondage of homosexual attraction and gender confusion, when we’re born again in Jesus Christ!


Humble Pie
A letter for and about our Pastors and lay Christians


Trailer - Episode 8: No Regrets, No Retreat from Frontline Missions International on Vimeo.

From the start of the modern missions movement 200 years ago, China has been to missionaries what Everest is to mountain climbers...[Read more]


Green Global Citizens
Globalization of Education: Producing Green Global Citizens Video