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Sunday School @ 9:30 am

Sunday Worship @ 10:30 am
Sunday Evening @ 6:00 pm


Message of Hope

Message of hope radio

91.9 FM Star Valley

Sundays, online and across Wyoming & E. Idaho.



Star Valley Small Groups

There are three small groups currently meeting in the valley on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.



Sun, 9/7/14

Funderburk Concert

Gospel music star, Danny Funderburk, will bless us with a couple numbers during the morning service and then perform a concert Sunday evening at 6:00pm.
Free will offerings will be accepted.

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Sun, 9/7/14
Senior Saints Meal

Right after Morning Service there will be a catered meal in the multipurpose room for the “Senior Saints” of EBC.
A sign-up sheet is in the foyer.
Please sign up no later than Sunday the 31st so we know how many folks to plan for.


Thurs, 9/11/14
Awana Season Startup

Times: 6:00 to 7:45pm
Cubbies from 6:00 to 7:30pm


Sun, 9/14/14
Annual Sportsmens’ Gathering

Start time is approximately 3:30pm. There will be kayaking, fishing, and paintballing at Cottonwood lake.
You need to fill out the signup in the foyer to paintball so we can get a count on number of guns needed.
No signup, no gun...


Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel
The CIA and Lee Harvey Oswald

Discussion with Edward Haslam (, about the relationship between Lee Harvey Oswald, a secret CIA germ warfare laboratory in New Orleans, and the Kennedy assassination.
Then faith in difficult times, church history and the concepts contained in Christian belief are themed in a conversation with Dr. Carroll Helm (, author of “God’s Mysteries and Paradoxes, Looking through the Glass, Darkly.”


WYWATCH Family Action

WyWatch Family ActionWyWatch Family Action is a group of Judeo-Christian families who have a goal to preserve traditional family values in the great state of Wyoming.


EBCSV Bookstore

BookstoreVisit the church bookstore for recommendation lists of books and DVDs where purchases can be made through the secure Amazon Shopping Cart plug-in.


The Prohibited Prohibition

Religious FreedomStoplight


Churches Must Liberalize on Sex or Die?

The Briefing


Our Feelings aren’t Constitutionally Protected

Protected FeelingsMatt Walsh Blog


From Behind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines NGJ Ministries




Prayer Request

Prayer RequestShare a Prayer request or Praise with our church network.


EBCSV FlockNote

FlockNoteJoin the church email network.

Note: If you have questions or need assistance with the church email system, Click Here and send us a note. Scott Thomson will get right back to you.

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Sunday, Aug 31 2014 Sermon

Pastor Tim Moyer

This weeks message

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The Whole Armor of God Series:
A Harmless Delusion

What is Truth? There are just about as many opinions about what truth is as there are people you ask. Your truth, my truth, no truth...
You might believe truth is that you can jump in front of a speeding truck without suffering any ill effects until you actually try it, then reality sets in.
Truth is what's real, its reality and reality always wins. Join us today as we read about the realties of needing God's armor used God's way.

Ephesians 6:10-20; Romans 13:14

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Low info evangelical

Stand Up For The Truth Play Today's Podcast>>
Casting a vision or commandeering control?

What is Vision Casting? Where does it come from? And is Vision Casting Biblical?
There is a way that is biblical but unfortunately there is a broad way that a growing number of church leaders cast vision that is nowhere to be found in Scripture – but is often used to control and manipulate.
We’re going to explore those methods with our guest Chris Rosebrough of Fighting For The Faith, heard around the world on Pirate Christian Radio.


~ Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed ~


Small Group Bible Studies

Small groupsBuilding genuine friendships is an exciting part of growing spiritually. We encourage everyone to get connected in one of our small Bible study groups that meet in people’s homes.



OGA Endorsement - Rick Santorum from EchoLight Studios on Vimeo.




Eight Minutes of Truth

Small groups The choice
is yours...

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Check out our updated Resources page

Resource pageWhile we cannot control the content of these resources, they have been very helpful to us in our search for greater understanding of critical issues facing Christianity, the Family and the Church today.


"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children". Hosea 4:6 (ESV)