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Sun, 11/8/15
Fundamentals of the Faith

Pastor Tim will begin the Fundamentals of the Faith Sunday School class on November 8 using John Macarthur's book "Fundamentals of the Faith". There is a sign up sheet in the foyer. The class will accommodate 15 people and will cost $10 for the workbook. There are 13 lessons that give both practical helps in sanctification and the doctrinal basis for our faith.


Sun, 11/22/15 6:00pm
Operation Christmas Child

Time for Operation Christmas Child. Boxes and info are in the foyer. Please fill your boxes and return to EBC with $ 7 for shipping by November 22.


Sun, 11/23/15 10:30am
Thanksgiving Gift Packing

Meet at EBC at 10:30 to pack our Thanksgiving gift boxes.


Sun, 11/29/15 6:00pm
Evening Movie

We will be showing the Newly released Christian movie: Alone Yet Not Alone in our evening service.




Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel Prelude

Were the terror attacks in Paris a prelude to future threats in America? Terrorism is an Islamic problem and President Obama refuses to acknowledge reality. Coming up, Thanksgiving and the Christian roots of our nation.


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Steel on


Jesus did not teach us to pray this way!



The Danger of Preaching False Conversion

The True Danger of Preaching False


Obey God Rather Than Men

Obey God Rather Than


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Sunday, November 22 2015

Pastor Tim Moyer

This weeks message

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II Timothy Series:
Something I'm Thankful for

Despite all their losses and fear, one year after journeying to the Virginia colonies and at the time of harvest those left of the original 132 souls gathered with their newly befriended Indians and joined their hearts in a time of gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord God Almighty. As we gather with friends and family, let us also lift our hearts in praise and thanksgiving to Jesus Christ our Redeemer.

2 Timothy 3:10-17; Matthew 10:16-22

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The power of prayer

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It’s Time We Talk

The Supreme Court, in a moment of judicial insanity, mandates that homosexuals have the protected right to marry in spite of God’s definition of marriage–a man and a woman. And yet most of our church leaders are silent.


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