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Cowboy Church

Cowboy Church
~This Coming Sunday~
Afton Fair Grounds


Star Valley Small Groups

There are three small groups currently meeting in the valley on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.



Sun, 10/26/14 6:00pm
Cowboy Church

Please bring chili and/or fixings, and cornbread, sourdough bread or rolls, salad, or dessert and meet at the Afton Fair Grounds.


Fri, 10/31/14 6:00-8:00pm
Fall Festival

Wild West Fall Fest - fun for the whole family! We need volunteers to help run games, clean up, and prepare and serve food. We also need lots and lots of candy. Please sign up on the sheet in the foyer.


Sun, 11/2/14 5:00-6:30pm
I Stand Sunday

The church will host the 90 minute Family Research Council sponsored "I Stand Sunday" webcast focusing on the need to renew the spirit of patriotism in America.


Fri-Sat, 11/7-8/14
Family Matters! Conference

Join us this fall for our first annual Family Matters Regional Conference.
Online pre-registreation available now.


Sun, 11/16/14 6:00pm
Operation Christmas Child

Christmas Child box collection day. Don’t forget to include $7 shipping per box, thanks!


Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel Big Trouble in Little Chapel

Roundtable debate about the Catholic Church’s position on the Holocaust.
Then, a discussion about religious freedom and same-sex marriage.
Finally, an update on the death sentence blasphemy case of Pakistani Christian mother Asia Bibi, currently in prison in Lahore.


Prayer Request

Prayer RequestShare a Prayer request or Praise with our church network.


WYWATCH Family Action

WyWatch Family ActionWyWatch Family Action is a group of Judeo-Christian families who have a goal to preserve traditional family values in the great state of Wyoming.


Pareto Principle part 1

Pareto Principle part 2

Pareto Principle part 3

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Sunday, Oct 19 2014 Sermon

Pastor Tim Moyer

This weeks message

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Questions for God:
Do You Care That We Perish?

If God is a good god, why does he allow us to go through trials and trouble and how can anyone be sure that God cares about our struggles in life and that he has not forgotten us?
Why the storms Lord?

Mark 4:35-41; Romans 8:28-29

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Stand Up For The Truth Play Today's Podcast <<
Lone Wolf Attacks?

There seems to be a shift in tactics by Islamic terrorists. What appears to be isolated attacks across the world, from beheadings to shootings. This week we’ve had Islamic terrorist attacks happening in Canada, and in Israel. In America, authorities are looking to see if the unprovoked attack, in the New York borough of Queens, is tied to recent calls by radicals to attack military and police officers.
Joining us is Ryan Mauro, a National Security Analyst for,a comprehensive news source for stories you won’t find on mainstream media. You’ll want to bookmark that link and visit Clarion Project frequently.



Family Matters

Fri & Sat, Nov 7-8 2014 ~ Register online




The church has been declared "spiritually dead" and preparations have been made. Will she awake on the table and show signs of life before the operation to remove her organs for donor transplant begins?



The freedom of religious expression was chief among America’s founding principles. However, today there is an unprecedented effort to deny this most basic of human rights in almost every area of American life. A Time to Speak is a 60-minute film from the American Family Association highlighting the urgent need for Christians to pray, speak out and vote. It’s a clarion call for the Church to break the silence and preserve this freedom for the coming generations.